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Top 10 Famous Casinos In The World

"If you ain't just a little scared when you enter a casino, you are either very rich or you haven't studied the games enough." Obviously, this creed suits on the casino's lifestyle. If you love gambling then must visit these 10 casinos as per described by Topyaps, at least once in your life !!10. Bellagio (Las Vegas): Possibly, the most glamorous casino of world with professional gaming staff. Owned by MGM Resorts International, Bellagio was founded on October 15, 1998. Collaborated with World Poker Tour, this casino has a large number of sophisticated slot machines with non stop high-action gaming. High stake games of poker players are organized in a lavishing room containing 40 poker tables with unparalleled ambiance.
9. Monte Carlo (Monaco):
If you want to see the real lifestyle of a casino, then visit Monte Carlo, one of the most luxurious destination in world. Luring poker machines and perfect combination of flashing lights create very interesting environment inside the poker room. Between glamour and gambling, you can easily notice the luxurious cars in parking with labels – Ferrari, Porsche, Rolls Royce and Mercedes.
8. Mohegan Sun (Connecticut):

One of the most sensuous destination for gamblers. Free drinks while gambling, light musics, an astounding view of Thames river and dozens of options for entertainment. Consisting 300 gaming tables and 6,200 slot machines, this is the second largest casino of United States (followed by Foxwoods Casino) and handled by Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority.
7. Wynn Las Vegas (Nevada):

Finest fusion of nature and luxury. This casino offers a number of games such as – Craps, Blackjack, Carribean Stud, B6, Three Card Poker and many more. A long trail of Ferrarians can be seen in the waiting lounge for high-class betting in this tech-savvy casino. And yeah, it is one of them most favorite location for movie directors, showing a casino somewhere in their movie.
6. Tusk Rio Casino Resort (South Africa):
A massive gaming space of 266,330 square foot, this casino provides all the exhilaration that a splendid casino is expected to. The gaming staff of Tusk Rio Casino Resort is world wide famous for its helpful nature in flourishing your gambling experience. The 4oo sophisticated slot machines are open 24×7 in this casino, which is situated just off the N12 highway in Klerksdorp.
5. Casino Lisboa, Portugal:

WOW! Champagne, neon lights and betting chips. Designed like a jumbo lotus flower this casino consists 165,00 square feet of gaming space with 30 tables and 900 gaming machines. The entire property has three bars, four restaurants and a hotel connected by a footbridge. Truly said, if you want the actual experience of gambling, then visit Casino Lisboa which offers a vast variety of video poker and table games.
4. MGM Grand Las Vegas (Nevada):

Justifying its name, this casino has an endless array of slot and poker machines. Inside casino there is a glass covered lion habitat and the gaming area is bigger than 3 NFL football fields combined together. Gambling in Las Vegas is one of the most electrifying experience and casino of MGM Grand is all capable to stand on gambler's expectations. It is the same casino where members of MIT Blackjack Team implemented their sophisticated mathematical techniques for a guaranteed win.
3. Tropicana Casino Resort (New Jersey):

You can enjoy your best in this fabulous Atlantic city. Operated by Tropicana Entertainment, this casino has three floors for gambling with more than 3,000 slots and sophisticated gaming machines. You can enjoy several games here such as – 3 Card Poker, 4 Card Poker, Texas Hold'em Bonus, Blackjack, 135 Poker, Baccarat, Let It Ride and many more.
2. The Venetian Macao (China):

A casino for "serious gamblers." In this casino, gaming area is divided into 4 themes – Red dragon, Imperial House, Golden Fish and Phoenix, consisting 800 gaming tables and 3400 slot machines. If you are seeking a mind blowing big casino game then you have arrived on the right place where you can try your luck 24 hours a day seven hours a week with your favorite wine.
1. Foxwoods Resort Casino (Connecticut):

The house doesn't beat the player. It just gives him the opportunity to beat himself. This casino is like a pilgrimage for gamblers and a landmark of gambling actions. With 380 gaming tables and 7,200 slot machines Foxwoods Casino offers a variety of games such as – Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Mingo Parlor, Poker and many more. Visit here and enjoy the world-class hospitality of Foxwoods.

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Very Funny Senseless Locks

No-Common-Sense Locks 
This is a collection of scary-looking locks that show how some people forget to use common sense when trying to secure their property with a lock.
















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Indian Girl And Her King Cobras

What a little charmer: Indian girl, 8, eats sleeps and plays with King Cobras
This little charmer calls these King Cobras her best friends - even though she has survived three venom-filled bites from them.
Villagers in Ghatampur, Uttar Pradesh, India, run in fear when they see eight-year-old Kajol Khan wandering the dusty streets with her deadly friends wrapped around her neck.
She said: 'I have a lot of fun with the cobras. It hurts when they bite me but sometimes it's my own fault because I tease them. It's quite funny.'
Look into me eyesssss: Little Kajol comes from a long line of snake catchers, and hopes one day to join the family business
Kajol's father, Taj Mohammad, 55, has worked as Ghatampur's snake catcher for the past 45 years.
He has already passed on his skills to his son Gulab, 28. But now it seems Kajol, the youngest nine, is keen to join the family business.
'I don't like school,' she said. 'I much prefer working with the snakes.'
Her bond with the creatures - which stems from crawling around them as a baby - now means they are her favourite companions.
Since her friendship with the killers began she has been bitten on her stomach, her cheeks and most recently her arm. She was seriously ill but made a full recovery.
'It hurts when they bite me but they don't mean it,' she said. 'I get a little frightened when I see the blood but my father sorts me out. He rushes into the forest and comes back with the medicine.'

Expelled: Kajol spends all day with her slippery friends - after she was kicked out of school for taking them to class in her backpack
Kajol's father is now famous in his region and is nicknamed Bhura (the snake-catcher). But he earns a measly £14 a job for catching the snakes from houses and shops in the area.
'We help people in the area and catch the snakes that have slipped into their homes,' Taj said.
'My father is a snake catcher, his father was a snake catcher. It's our family business and we're very proud of what we do.'
The medicine comes from the leaves of a wild plant, which remains top secret.
It gets mashed to a pulp and mixed with butter and black pepper. It is then eaten and rubbed on the wound.
Keep your distance! But Kajol's parents worry that her friendship with the snakes is stopping her from making friends with other local children
'If the medicine is administered quickly enough it will save you,' Taj said. 'It has saved my life many times and it seems to work for Kajol too.'
But Kajol's mother, Salma Bano, 45, wishes her daughter would grow out of the snake-phase - especially since the youngster was expelled from school for taking her pets to class in her backpack.
'I want her to go to school like other children. If I had my own way I'd get rid of the snakes but she loves them and so I don't want to break her heart,' said Salma.
'She now refuses to study and will play with the snakes all day.
'I try to make her study at home but she keeps the snakes with her and gets distracted.'
Taj said: 'We don't have many visitors. People don't like our pet snakes so they stay away.
'We don't mind so much, but it's sad for Kajol. Children are too scared to come round and play with her. She's just not like other children.'
Her worried mother added: 'She'll find it hard to find a husband in the future if she doesn't stop playing with the snakes.'

What a little charmer: Kajol Khan, eight, plays with one of her snakes near her home in Ghatampur, Uttar Pradesh

The Permanent Hair Tattoo Technique

If you can withstand the temporary discomfort of a tattoo then you can take advantage of this permanent solution: hair tattoos. Created by Ian Watson after he began losing hair due to stress, the procedure is called MHT (Micro Hair Technique) Scalp Pigmentation. This procedure applies various pigment shades to the scalp in order to reproduce the correct shape, size and density of short hairs. Now Watson has HIS (Hair Ink Scalp) Hair Clinics popping up in both the UK and US where he charges $3,000 for the procedure, which is much less than the $40,000 hair transplants many people undergo.



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Cool Portrait Painted By Basketball

"What is basketball?" It would seem - the answer is obvious. But creative people are willing to find a non-standard use of ordinary things.So a young artist from Shanghai and Hong named painted with a portrait of a basketball famous Chinese basketball player Yao Ming. To do so, except for the ball, the girl took a bit of paint and two hours of time ...