Saturday, October 13, 2012

World's Tallest Female Dog: Nova

World's Tallest Female Dog Is Nova, A Great Dane — Nova, a Great Dane, who's 2 feet, 11.51 inches tall is the world's tallest female dog, according to Guinness World Records. That's 35.51 inches from paw to shoulder for Nova, who takes up a lot of space in her owner's house in Addison, Ill. And there's 160 pounds packed onto that frame. She eats through 50 pounds per week. Owner Ann Suplee said strangers often say her dog looks like "a horse galloping" and ask her "Are you getting ready for the Kentucky Derby?" according to a statement from Guinness. But super Nova is a pipsqueak compared to Giant George of Tucson, the tallest male dog, who's 43 inches tall. 03 more images after the break...

Amazing 3D Art On Flat Walls

Need a good painter?
This guy should qualify.

Before photo:
A typical concrete and stucco

Then the wall starts to take
On a three dimensional appearance
This is Eric, in his element, 30'
Off the ground.
He does most of the artwork
By himself
And researches, paints and designs
Each project from scratch.
His wife Kathy, also an artist,
Serves as project manager.
After photo:
Finished product
Here are some more examples of
Eric's projects:

Before photo:
Great American Crossroad -
Bluchers , Ohio

After photo:
Before photos:
After photo
Liberty Remembers

Hard to believe you're looking
At a flat 2-dimensional wall.
How to dress up a drab ShoppingMall in Niagara , NY state

Before photo

After photo
Also, look at the close-up
Of the left side
And the middle
(I wonder how many birds fly
Into this wall on a daily basis?)
Indoor Murals at the Hallway of
Miller Brewery.

Miller Fermenting Rooms
Past meets Present in the
Miller Brewery Fermenting Rooms.
Hooks, clipboards and aprons
Were added to
The surface of the murals to
Enhance the illusion.
After photos
You're looking at flat walls
Detail view looking down the
Illusional hallway in the
Previous mural:

I wonder how many people walk
Into the walls, while trying to go
Down a hallway that does not exist!